Mini Facial dermalogica£30
Full facial detmalogica£50
Full body massage£60
Back neck shoulder massage£30

The facial massage applied directly to the important stimulating points on the head and face by the expert staff of Waltham Cross Beauty Salon aims to relax the head area. Massage techniques applied with fluent movements from your head to your neck and shoulders reduce stress and relieve muscle tightness. This massage application increases blood circulation and distributes the negative energy collected in the head area.

It is a type of massage performed for relaxation and relaxation with body massage. Circular movements, rubbing and hard strokes provide relaxation of the body and opening of contractions. It helps to soften the aching muscles with massage. It increases blood circulation. Thanks to the relaxation experienced in the body, the tissues and cells of the person are revitalized, minimizing the feeling of fatigue and stress. Learn about the benefits of body massage;

  • The massaged part should be well supported.
  • Their manipulations follow one another rhythmically. In the relaxation massage, the speed of the movements should be in accordance with the resting pulse rhythm.
  • Massage is done towards the heart and in the direction of the muscle fibres. This is because the venous circulation is towards the heart.
  • After the massage is started, the masseuse’s hands are not cut off from the body.
  • In classical massage, muscle groups are handled separately.
  • After the massage is started, the masseuse’s hands are not cut off from the body.

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We offer massage services to areas such as the head, neck, neck, shoulder-back, back-waist, arm and leg, and generally for the problematic area. All procedures are carried out by our professional and expert masseuses. You deserve better than a rushed massage by a novice therapist in a place that feels more stressful. As Cheshunt Beauty Salon, we serve our valued customers in a hygienic environment with our expert staff. Contact us now to take advantage of our services. If you are searching for beauty salon near me, you can contact us. We are always ready to serve you.