Eye TeatmentsPrice
Eyebrows tint£12
Eyelash tint£15
Eyelash lift£40
Cluster lashes£30
Single lash extensions(classic)£55
Hybrid lash extensions£60

There is no need to look for this service in other salons to add eyelashes, eyebrow dye, perm and eyelashes. All comprehensive services such as Eyebrows, Tint Eyelash Tint, Eyelash Lift, Cluster Lashes, Single Lash Extensions (Classic), Hybrid Lash Extensions, Russian and Removal are offered at this high quality service. While providing these services to you, we definitely prefer quality and healthy products.

You will deliver your eyebrows to our eyebrow specialist aestheticians at Waltham Cross Beauty Salon in order to emphasize your eyebrows and achieve a perfect shape. Also, get rid of curling machine and mascara for your lashes. You can get lush, healthy, long and fit, freely curled eyelashes in just 30 minutes. You can find out detailed information by contacting us immediately.

There are procedures applied to keep your eyebrows in the desired shape for a long time. These processes regulate the asymmetry of the eyebrows, prevent the rough hairs from growing in the wrong direction and provide the desired shape and colour. The procedure takes an average of 45 minutes. Considering the face proportions of the person, we make your eyebrow design as you wish by removing the excess in the eyebrow area.

Eyelash strengthening process with pigment, keratin and vitamin supplements is also offered to our valued customers at Seda Beauty Salon. Long and prominent eyelashes as a result of the procedure make the expression of the person more meaningful. The procedure takes an average of 45 minutes. Methods that increase the eyelash length and density of the person are also applied by our experts. These eyelashes made of silk are attached to the real eyelashes on the upper eyelid one by one with a special medical adhesive. It varies according to the intensity to be applied. The applied eyelash application is a process for renewing at least every 3 weeks. The process takes an hour on average. We are waiting for you at Cheshunt Beauty Salon to get more detailed information about all our processes and to reach extensive details.