Full legs£25
Half legs£18
Bikini lane£18
Full face wax£30
Pedicure with gel polish£30


As Seda Beauty Salon, we are with you to use the wax application that we have presented for you, our valued customers. Sir wax application is a method used by almost all women. We are always at your side with the waxing service, which is a method that is used not only by women but also by everyone. The substance obtained by enriching the wax with various ingredients from the resin of the pine tree is called glaze wax. It can be in various colours such as pink, green and yellow, which is applied to different areas according to its content and properties. As Cheshunt Beauty Salon, we undertake the type of wax for you and your body. The waxing application is carried out painlessly by our experienced team members.

  • Face
  • Under Arm
  • Whole Leg
  • Genital Area
  • Above Belly
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Waist
  • Feet & Hands

It can be applied to all suitable areas such as the arms with glaze wax.

In the application of sir wax, the person who will apply the wax must be experienced. In the application of wax, the thickness and direction of the wax application and the correction of the hairs before the wax is applied are of great importance. At the same time, the direction in which the wax will be drawn, how many times the wax can be adhered to the same area and how fast the wax should be drawn should be well known. Although these issues may seem simple, they are of great importance. The knowledge of the person who will apply the wax is very important. There may be some negativity in the waxing process, which will be done by practitioners who do not have the right knowledge and application skills about waxing cheshunt. As Seda Beauty Salon, we are at your service to satisfy you with our experienced staff, so that the hairs are plucked and cannot be removed from the root, so that the hairs grow again in a very short time, and some irritations occur on the skin.