Make up
Special occasion make up£70
Bridal make up£130
Bridal make up trial£65

A woman always wants to look beautiful and well-groomed in environments. One of the most important conditions for a woman to look well-groomed and beautiful will be to find the right and beautiful make-up. Especially in big cities, working women cannot spare much time for themselves due to the busyness of the day. After the make-up is applied hastily before leaving the house in the morning with the rush of individuals to get to work, women who work with make-up-refreshing breaks for 5 minutes during the day make an effort to make themselves well-groomed and beautiful. Waltham Cross Make-up done by experts at times such as wedding ceremonies and special invitations can almost recreate a woman. However, the permanence of the make-up applied professionally over a long period of time for these special invitations may only take a few hours.

In today’s world, when the time is precious and the day goes by in a rush, women are faced with the problem of not being able to create the same effect as their own make-up at a business dinner the next evening, while attracting all the attention at an event that was prepared and attended by a qualified and professional expert the previous day. With the rapid development of technology and technological developments that could not even be imagined in a very short time, this situation has become quite our routine nowadays. Permanent Makeup, which is made using completely natural mineral dyes and is applied to the layer on the skin, ensuring that your beauty continues permanently, has become the saviour of today’s women. As Waltham Cross Make up Salon, we respond to all your make-up needs with great professionalism and mastery. Acting with the understanding of “Our customers always deserve the best”, Cheshunt Beauty Salon emphasizes the beauty of the services it offers to you for all your make-up needs with its successful line that it has continued for many years.