Manicure with gel polish£28
Pedicure with gel polish£35
Manicure normal polish£18

When we talk about care and beauty, hands are always second only to faces. It is well known that neat hands are the visiting card of every woman. Properly groomed hands and nails will improve your overall appearance, and odd-looking manicure and rough skin will definitely leave a negative impression. A fresh and beautiful manicure will make you look elegant and attractive. Manicure improves the health and texture of your nails and makes the skin of your hands soft and nourished, as well as making you feel comfortable. There are different types of manicures that may include shaping the nails, using different creams and oils, and massage techniques to stimulate lymph and blood flow. Among the most popular types of manicure waltham cross, we offer manicure with gel polish and manicure normal polish services to our valued customers. Seda Beauty Salon will make the design of your nails unique and stylish. If you are tired of your classic manicure, you can try nail extensions. Gel nail extensions lengthen and strengthen your nails, making your fingers look more delicate. The important advantage of gel nails is that they look shiny and natural, are flexible and thin.

A pedicure cheshunt is a great idea for those looking for a quick fix and relaxation. It is the perfect solution to get rid of the effects of high heels on your feet and allow yourself to be pampered. Our comfortable chair will hug you so you will feel safe and comfortable. Your feet will be painstakingly softened, polished and massaged to perfection. Healthy feet and nails are the basic principles of spa culture. Our salon provides you with maximum safety and hygiene. As Seda Beauty Salon, we gladly offer you pedicure with gel polish and classic pedicure waltham cross services. Our nail technicians strictly fulfil all requirements, using fresh and clean manicure cheshunt and pedicure tools to every client.