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One of the basic conditions of impressive looks is full and curved eyelashes. There is a popular application today for full eyelashes that will change your look. With this process called infills waltham cross, it is possible to have more impressive looks by using your own eyelashes instead of false eyelashes. This process, which is frequently announced, is an application that is very easy to use. For strong and full eyelashes that you can use for a long time with the same quality when done professionally, you can visit Seda Beauty Salon and get service from our expert team members.

Recently, the question of what is eyelash lifting has started to come to the fore, as it has attracted a lot of attention and is a popular application. This application is a kind of eyelash mask. Vitamins such as argan oil, keratin and protein make eyelashes look more voluminous and curled. In addition, thanks to keratin, eyelashes gain a more well-groomed and strong appearance. In this way, there is no possibility of spillage. During the application, a pad is placed under the eyelashes and the eyelashes are combed backwards. During the process, each eyelash is carefully processed. Although the application time is approximately 45 minutes, it is important to use natural and nutritious oils during the application. As Cheshunt Beauty Salon family, we increase the quality of our applications by supporting our services that will reveal your beauty with the highest quality products.

Voluminous looks that women with straight and sparse eyelashes want to have are possible with eyelash lifting. Anyone who wants their eyelashes to have a lusher and fuller appearance can have this application done. In addition, of course, people with lush and curled eyelashes may prefer this application to add beauty to the beauty of their eyelashes. With this process, which is suitable for every eyelash structure, you can have eyelashes with a mascara effect for a long time. In addition, thanks to the keratin care we use during the application, it is possible to have more well-groomed and longer eyelashes with a few regular applications. Within Seda Beauty Salon, we offer you this service in the form of Classic, Hybrid and Russian. We are waiting for you at our Infılls Cheshunt centre for the lifting application and professional procedures that nourish the eyelashes and make them look healthy.