Full set of acrylic nails£30
Full set acrylic with shellac~full seacrylic
Acrylic in fill£23
Acrylic in fill with shellac£30
Gel polish£25
Acrylic french / ombre in fill£33
Acrylic on toe with normal polish£20
Acrylic on toe with gel polish£33
Acrylic remover£15
Gel polish remover£10
Nail designs start from£5

To give information about the application that has come to the fore recently, first of all, false nails are also known as gel nails. This application is a special process that should be done by experts. The application is carried out after the preservative applied on the person’s own nail. In this way, the natural nail is definitely not damaged and the nail underneath can breathe. It can be applied according to the expectation of the person and the dimensions he wants to use. One of the frequently asked questions about this application is whether to apply nail polish on the prosthetic nails. Nail polish can be applied on the prosthetic nails and even the applied nail polish can be more permanent with the prosthetic nail. You can contact us or come to our Cheshunt Beauty Salon to get more detailed information about this application, which saves you the trouble of having a manicure all the time.

Prosthetic nails are one of the beauty applications that women love to use. Innovations are provided in practice according to every need and expectation, and prosthetic nails with a more natural appearance are emerging day by day. Among the types of prosthetic nails used today; include acrylic nails, gel nails and dipping nails. Among these methods, gel nails are the most preferred option with their natural appearance. The gel applied on the nail is shaped for an aesthetic appearance after drying. It is possible to have well-groomed nails for a long time with these applications that provide a healthy and natural appearance.

These nails, which are very practical to use, also stand out with their natural appearance. Another issue that is curious is how permanent the prosthetic nails are, which attracts the attention of women who care about nail care. If you pay attention to some points, it is possible to use prosthetic nails easily for 3-4 weeks. Among the points to be considered while using it is that the nails should be kept away from chemicals. For example, if you use acetone-free nail polish remover to remove your nail polish, you can use it for a long time without deteriorating the quality of your prosthetic nail. In addition, it is recommended to use gloves when you need to use cleaning materials. It is important that the prosthetic nails, which you can use for 3-4 weeks without any problems, are removed by experts in the same way. In this way, the prosthesis application is realized and finalized without damaging your own nail. Cheshunt Nail Salon.