Hair StylingPrice
Wash cut and blow dry£45/60
Only cut£25
Wash and cut£35
Blow dry£30
Curly blowdry£35
Pin curls£40

The most important beauty element of women since ancient times is their hair. In addition to being long and voluminous, they try to do everything they can to achieve a short and more natural look. This is a kind of way of reflecting the current mood to the most visible state. Women prepare themselves to become the way they want to feel that day. Adding a change to the hair or changing its size also allows you to achieve a more modern look. At this stage, the haircut becomes an important element. The better your haircut is, the glaring details on your face suddenly disappear. It becomes very possible to hide every striking detail, from the shape of your nose to the size of your eyes, in this way. As Seda Beauty Salon, we are with you to help many models from layered haircuts to blunt models to match your face shape. Our most important job is to reveal the smallest points that will reveal the beauty of your face together with the structure and cut of your hair and to make you happy. In this context, our valued customers; we offer professional hair services such as wash cut and blow dry, only cut, wash and cut, blow dry, curly blow dry and pin curls.

Another quality service we offer to you is the blow-drying service. Expert hair designers of Cheshunt Hair Salon will assist you for our blow-drying service. First, we take our customers to the service seat and look at the condition of the hair. It is taken to the washing laboratory for blow-drying and the product is used according to the hair needs. Hair roots are massaged with special techniques by professional Seda Beauty Salon experts. With our daily washed hygienic towels, the hair is wrapped and taken to the service seat. In line with the wishes of the customer, the hairstyle is consulted. The hairstyle is matured according to the destination or location. Thus, your transaction is completed with professionalism and expertise. You can contact Cheshunt Beauty Salon for all your hair styling processes.