Balyage from£120
Highlights/lowlights from£95
1/2 head highlights from£65
T-section from£45
Root tint from£45
Full head tint£60
Hair toner£20
Hair treatment£15/30

Hair is the area that women attach the most importance to and want to capture beauty naturally. At the same time, the first thing we focus on in a woman is her hair. Women pay attention to the appearance of their hair, to the colour of the cut.

They use trending cuts and colours to make their selections and turn to hairdressers Cheshunt to try it out. Sometimes they may not get the results and tones they want. Usually, this problem can be caused by our hairdresser colleagues who do not pay attention to their hair characteristics. As a high quality brand, Seda Beauty Salon starts your hair colouring process by doing your hair analysis. We review many of its properties, such as whether it is brittle, hard, porous or oily. We use our colour catalogues and palettes when choosing colours. When choosing a dye, we usually prefer natural dyes that will cause the least damage to your hair.

Just as the health of your hair is important to you, your health is just as important to us. As Cheshunt Hair Salon, we meticulously carry out hair colouring or hair dyeing processes. We determine the use of colour with the decision we will make together, according to the most suitable for the tone of your hair and the presence of white in your hair. When some of our customers want to use the colours they want, sometimes they cannot get the look they want. That’s why you can get help from our expert team when choosing your hair colour. If you want to make a difference in yourself and your hair, if you want to attract attention with your hair colour, your choice for hair colouring should be Seda Beauty Salon.